Voter Guide

The ACLU of Maryland will publish the Voters' Guide as a public education service in May to provide Maryland voters with information on the pressing civil rights and civil liberties issues facing Marylanders and where the candidates and elected officials stand on those issues. Neither the ACLU of Maryland nor the ACLU of Maryland Foundation endorses candidates or supports political campaigns in any way. 


The survey asks for positions on key civil rights and civil liberties issues. The ACLU position for all questions is YES:

  • Do you support depoliticizing the process by ensuring that the Parole Commission, not the Governor, is the final decision-maker?

  • If adult recreational consumption of marijuana is legalized during your term in office, will you support diversion of tax revenues to communities of color, which have been most harmed by marijuana criminal laws?

  • Should private schools that receive taxpayer dollars be subject to the same non-discrimination laws as public schools?

  • Should the MPIA be amended to allow disclosure of records regarding investigations of law enforcement misconduct using the same standards that apply to records regarding investigations of criminal conduct by members of the public?

  • Should all Marylanders participate in our democracy by retaining the right to vote, regardless of entanglement with the criminal justice system?

  • Should the state take steps to protect Marylanders' free speech and intellectual freedom by requiring ISPs to adhere to net neutrality principles and provide their customers with equal access to all lawful content on the Internet?

  • Should Maryland limit state and local law enforcement’s collaboration with federal immigration enforcement efforts?

  • Should Maryland be required to provide women and girls in the criminal justice system with programs and services substantially equivalent to those offered to men?

  • Should state law be amended to allow the creation of professional, independent bodies outside of police departments to conduct the investigations of complaints of misconduct by police officers that may lead to departmental discipline?

  • Do you commit to funding the approximate $2 billion needed to establish an updated, equitable funding formula that will meet the needs of students across the state?

  • Should state law be amended to provide for a civil remedy for discrimination in places of public accommodations? 



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